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4sets of pipelayer service to Russia Pipeline Contract


Latest company news about 4sets of pipelayer service to Russia Pipeline Contract

4 sets of 70tons pipelayer with customized color are ready for delivery to Russia. The customer is Russia Local Service Company with many years’ experiences in the pipeline project service. They know all pipelayer brand in China and Russia. The customer attached great importance to the delivery date and price. After several times negotiation, we provide satisfactory offer and awarded the purchase order. After about 45days working, we smooth delivery the order to the buyer.

The popular pipelayer model include 25tons, 45tons, 70tons and 90tons pipelayer. The chassis for 70tons and 90tons are the same model chassis with same engine power. To configure the lifting requirement of 70tons and 90tons, the counterweight blocks will be different, as well as the wrench, steel rope etc.



With the rising energy prices in Europe, many European manufacturers are unable to produce pipe hangers at low cost, and more and more customers are moving to China to purchase. As the China reliable factory to make pipeline construction machinery, Suhigo offer good price support and reliable quality support.


Except for pipelayers, we can offer full fleet of pipeline construction machinery, including welding tractor with generator, welding tractor with heating device, welding tractor with sand-blasting device, the 3 in 1-unit, anti-corrosion equipment, pipe heating equipment, pipe shaping equipment, counterpart equipment, pipe tools including roller cradle and pipe winding tent etc.

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