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A fleet of 360 Rotation pipelayer ready for delivery


Latest company news about A fleet of 360 Rotation pipelayer ready for delivery

Pipelayer machine is popular applied in the pipeline construction project. The pipelayer machine is converted from bull dozer traditionally; however, we can also make new type 360 rotation pipelayer for site operation. This pipelayer chassis is similar to excavator chassis, and the side boom can be rotated conveniently. When operation in site, you no need to crush the ground several times with this new type pipelayer.

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The new type 360 rotation pipelayer is composed of chassis assembly, rotation assembly, hydraulic system assembly, engine assembly, counterweight assembly, drive cab assembly, lifting assembly. We can offer both Cylinder luffing and wire rope luffing; they have different advantages to apply in different work condition. Under bumpy working conditions, the overall rigidity of the boom is better, and it is not easy to produce large shaking; however, by using multiple rate pulley block, the starting and stopping impact can be reduced, and the micro control is better.


In order to fully kicking off the project, our company design weighing blocks with 40tons to calibrate the lifting system of the pipelayers. The weighing blocks is designed by many pieces of steel plates; and they steel plates are fixed by carbon steel frame. When testing the pipelayer, the weighing block frame will be lifted by slings. And the slings will be lifted by hook in pipelayer. Within 1.22m radius, the lifting capacity can reach 40tons, and the testing should be slowly and carefully to avoid any collision to pipelayer machine. Some factory don’t have the weighing blocks, they may only calibrate by 5tons or 10tons blocks, in this case, the lifting system may not correct when testing with bigger pipelines.


By the way, our bull dozer pipelayer is hot sale in many countries. We can offer replacement model to pipelineman pipelayer which closed many years before, as well as pipelineman pay welders and other pipeline construction machinery. In China, we have very good rental business to rent pipelayer machine, pay welder, sandblasting tractor, medium heating tractor, welding tent etc. If you have similar rental business in your domestic market, welcome to contact us freely.

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