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Mid-frequency Heating Tractor Working at Jobsite


Latest company news about Mid-frequency Heating Tractor Working at Jobsite

Heating equipment is a must equipment for pipeline construction. It including medium-frequency heater, flame heater, infrared heater and welded junction heating strip. The users may select suitable heating device per job condition. As China pipeline construction equipment specialist, Suhigo can offer full line related equipment. With certified factory and experienced staff, Suhigo can be your reliable partner. Welcome to contact us for more details.

The pipeline construction normally in remote areas. Power is not easy to get and Heating tractor with multi-function was designed by our engineer to offer more convenient heating service. The heating tractor is one tractor loading with generators, heating device and maybe cranes to supply multi-purpose for jobsite heating application. Suhigo internal high standard medium-frequency heating tractor with following equipment:

1) Self-walking hydraulic tractor with Cummins brand engine, durable and reliable even in tough working conditions. The walking system adopt LS control mode or closed transmission, with high efficiency. The spring compressed normally closed brake help to achieve ramp operation safety.

2) The power generating system adopt smart digital instrument control, smart control and operation, convenient to use. We normally adopt Stamford Generator or another China brand generator. For overseas customer, appointed brand generator will be available.

3) The medium-frequency heating power supply adopt full digital IGBT power supply, with accurate heating temperature, and automatic control. The heating power supply can work smartly in full loading or zero loading condition, to achieve energy-saving target.

4) Lifting crane can be option. Some customer may have some second hand crane in good condition, and we can preserve installation position and attach necessary installation tools and parts. If need the lifting crane from Suhigo, we can provide China good brand lifting crane or Europe brand cranes like Palfinger, Fassi or HIAB. But it normally takes longer delivery time for small lifting capacity cranes of Europe brands.

Suhigo medium frequency heating tractor have experienced with plane area, Plateau, desert and extremely cold areas. After many years jobsite experience, and many times optimization, Suhigo heating tractor can be your reliable partner in tough conditions. Except for heating tractor, Suhigo can also have similar product, like sandblasting tractor and multi-function tractor. Multi-function tractor is a combination of heating tractor and sandblasting tractor, the user can do heating application and sandblasting application with only one tractor, saving lots of money. Suhigo can also provide just the flatbed tractor, that is, customers can match the required equipment and devices according to their own needs.

Suhigo is pipeline construction equipment manufacturer based in Langfang province of China. We have done several hundreds of projects including sales and rental projects. Video conference will be available for factory inspection, and we welcome your contact at any time.

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