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Pipelayer Top Brand from China, Suhigo can be your good partner


Latest company news about Pipelayer Top Brand from China, Suhigo can be your good partner

HGY series pipelayers or Sideboom provided by Suhigo is a specialized pipeline construction equipment, mainly used in lifting, transportation and laying of pipeline. The equipment adopts the special chassis of the pipelayer developed based on the bulldozer chassis, walking system adopts mechanical transmission and lever operation. Working device adopts hydraulic transmission, operated handle, the transmission efficiency is high, and the work is stable. It is an international popular pipelayer configuration.

Pipelayer components consist of undercarriage, power train, hydraulic system, operator cab, electrical system, pipe laying equipment and basic machine. Please check the pipelayer components list for each part below.

1) Undercarriage

a- suspended track frame, it has closed and non-oscillating type

b- Track chain, sealed with split master link

c- Rigid track frame

d- Separate pilot shaft

e- Bolted sprocket segments

f- Track roller, 9ea each side

g- Carrier roller, 2ea each side

h- Idler 01, each side

i- Hydraulic track adjuster

j- Track and rollers lifespan lubricated

k- 860mm serviceable plate

l- Track guide center part

m- Track guiding guard, front

2) Power Train

a. Cummins engine with water separator fuel system

b. Air cleaner, dry type exhaust

c. Aspirated primary and safety elements and service indicator

d. Fuel priming pump

e. Fuel tank and filter

f. Torque convertor, single stage

g. Final drives, planetary type

h. Muffler

i. Radiator

j. Transmission, power shift

k. 3 speed forward and 3 speed reverse

l. Parking brake, automatic

3) Hydraulic system including below components:

a. Variable flow pump with load sensing

b. Pipe and valves

c. Hydraulic control counterweight

d. Hydraulic control winch and boom

e. Free fall device

f. Control valve for 1 circuit

g. Hydraulic servo control

h. Hydraulic tank and oil level control

i. Oil filter with strainer in hydraulic tank

4) Operator cab

a. Cabin, isolation mounted and full vision with lockable door

b. Operator seat, adjustable to forward and reverse, with seat belt

c. Foot operator with inching break paddle

d. Dual steering control

e. Monitoring system and service indicator

f. Key, start

g. Fire extinguisher in cabin

h. Coat hook

i. Rear mirror inside

j. Safety glass tinted

k. Windshield wipers front and rear

l. Dome window

m. Control, single joystick

n. Safety lever

o. Emergency stop

5) Electrical system

a. Starter motor

b. Batteries, 2 units maintenance free

c. On-board system 24V

d. Alternator 50A

e. Back up alarm, horn

f. Beacon

g. Working lights, front 2 and rear 2, side 2, boom 1 and winch 1

h. Dome light

i. Instrument warning lights

j. Battery charging

k. Hourmeter

l. Speed range

m. Engine oil pressure

n. Water temperature

o. Fuel level

p. Parking brake

q. Hydraulic oil temperature

r. Pump replenishing pressure

s. Oil return filter

t. Air filter

u. Main warning light

6) Pipe laying equipment

a. Boom welded type box-section structure

b. Boom kickout, uppermost postion

c. Boom load limit sensor

d. Counterweight is adjustable with hydraulic control, 4-block and 2-counterweight frames

e. Hydraulic draw works with independent driver motors for boom and hook winches.

f. Bakes, wet multiple disc type, closed type, spring applied and hydraulic relase

g. Blocks and hook with latch

h. Ropes

7) Basic Machine

a. Bumper front

b. Towing lug front

c. Towing hitch rear

d. Battery compartment, lockable

e. Refuelling pump, electric

f. Belly pans, heavy-duty, hinged

g. Radiator, wide-meshed

h. Engine cover, perforated

i. Engine doors, perorated

j. Engine doors, hinged, lockable

k. Lugs for crane lifting

l. Tool kits

m. Exhaust pipe, insulated

Looking to acquire brand new pipelayers for tender or replace your old facilities? Suhigo will be good option to cooperate. For more information about Pipelayer or sideboom, welcome to contact Suhigo. Instant quote will be sent once receive your requirements.

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