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Suhigo Welding Tractor Working for Middle East Customer


Latest company news about Suhigo Welding Tractor Working for Middle East Customer

Recently we got big orders from Middle East customer, and they bought a fleet of welding tractors for pipeline construction project. Before order, the customer did lots of investigations, and finally choose to cooperate with Suhigo as a more cost performance and reliable partner.

Let us think about it, what is your standard when choose supplier of welding tractor or pay welder? Same question, how to choose reliable pay welder factory from China? Below tips may help you to make wise decision.

Step 1: Is it a factory or trading company?

Generally, pipeline equipment factory can offer more reliable equipment and service. At least, the factory will not disappear without any notice. Some trading company with many years industry experience, can also offer good equipment and service, and the customer need to distinguish the difference.

Step 2: Do the factory have any experience?

Do ask some question about experience in the design and production of high quality pay welders. If it is a new factory without any experience, it will be with high risk. Suhigo has rich experience in the design, production, sales and service of all line of pipeline construction equipment, including pay welders or welding tractors. We have over 10sets of pay welders in stock for sale, please contact us immediately if you are searching for some reliable partners.

Step 3: Do the factory have any certificates?

Some factory with good management will certainly has some necessary certificates, including ISO9001, ISO14001, Europe CE certificates, and ROPS/FOPS for the driver cab. Suhigo always target in high quality premium pay welders, and we have all certificates mentioned; Meanwhile, we are developing the rubber tracks which will be very helpful in desert areas.

Step 4: The price, payment terms and delivery time?

After we go through above 3 steps, and we can know clearly if it is one reliable factory or not. And then you may focus on the commercial terms, that is, price, payment terms and delivery time. Suhigo can offer competitive price, flexible payment terms and short delivery as we have many sets pay welder in stock.

Step 5: Guarantee and Warranty of the purchased pay welder

Different factory may have different terms. Suhigo warranty terms as below: Suhigo shall Guarantee the goods (wearing spare parts excluded) for 12 months after commissioning or 2500h working hours whichever comes first, during the guarantee period, Suhigo will be responsible for problems caused by quality of production or raw material except the wearing spare parts of the equipment and problems caused by incorrect man-made operation.

Do you like the above tips to help you buy pay welders from reliable factory? Welcome you contact Suhigo for further discussion. We are always there to support you.

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