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Tips to help choose reliable pipelayer factory from China


Latest company news about Tips to help choose reliable pipelayer factory from China

Side boom pipe layer plays important role in pipeline construction project. It helps to lift, move and lay down the big and heavy pipes to the correct position. There are many famous brand side boom pipe layer around the world, like Caterpillar, Volvo, Superior Pipe Layer etc. Here are some small tips to help choose reliable side boom pipe layer factory from China.

Step 1: Is it a factory or trading company?

Good factory and good trading company can both offer reliable equipment and service. Factory direct sales will benefit customer in price and spare parts and long-term after sales service.

As China leading brand in pipeline equipment design and manufacturing, Suhigo is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and HSE Certificate, for Europe customer, we can offer CE Certified side boom pipe layers and other pipeline equipment. Besides, Suhigo has awarded China National High Technology Enterprise Certificate, which can help us to get lower Tax policy and further more to benefit customer in price. For overseas customers, we can offer third party inspection and examination test report, to show the actual lifting with in certain side boom length, engine model and power etc.

Step 2: Is the side boom pipe layer factory experienced factory or new factory?

Experience of factory may show in different areas including experience in the design and optimization of new model side boom pipe layers, experience in the selection of fit brand parts, experience of workers in production and assembly, experience in jobsite commissioning and experience in continuously improve the quality and stability. However, a new factory may cannot support well in the related areas.

Suhigo with many years’ experiences in design and production, with many projects undergoing with CPP, can offer reliable side boom pipe layers and other pipeline equipment with high-cost performance.

Step 3: Do the factory have any certificates?

Certified factory can offer more reliable pipeline construction equipment. However, to choose partner of pipe layer factory without any certificate may take high risk.

Suhigo have full line of certificates involved in pipeline construction equipment, including ISO Certificates, CE Certificates, and Manufacturing License of Pipelayer, that is production license of special equipment of PRC. Only with this special equipment license, the factory can manufacture pipe layer legally, and there are not more than 5 companies in China with this certificate in side boom pipe layer production field.

Step 4: Details technical requirement meet your requirement?

After you confirm it is one reliable factory without some fatal defect, you may check details of technical issues. Including the maximum lifting weight, rated lifting weight, engine model and engine power, track design, track gauge, Length of track shoes to the ground, width of track shoes, average grounding pressure ratio, side boom length, travelling speed etc. Some tender with extremely strictly technical data requirement, may only be satisfied by one or two brands, so you no need to waste time with other brands.

Suhigo has rich experience in participating in tenders with full set of documentations. Welcome to contact us for a details discussion.

Pipelayer Chassis of Suhigo.jpg

Step 5: Price, payment terms and delivery

After Factory approval and technical approval, commercial approval will be the next. It includes price, payment terms and delivery of side boom pipe layers. As China certified pipelayer factory, Suhigo can offer good price and payment terms to support you project. Payment terms can be T/T or L/C, payment by instalments may also applicable for some customers in some certain regions. Delivery time is pending. As our pipelayer is produced by batches, and the chassis takes much longer time. If you just come to us and we have some stock chassis for new batch orders, the delivery time will be much favorable.

Step 6: Guarantee and Warranty of the purchased side boom pipe layer

Different factory may have different terms. Suhigo warranty terms as below: Suhigo shall Guarantee the side boom pipe layer (wearing spare parts excluded) for 12 months after commissioning or 2500h working hours whichever comes first. During the guarantee period of side boom pipe layer, Suhigo will be responsible for problems caused by quality of production or raw material except the wearing spare parts of the equipment and problems caused by incorrect man-made operation

Do you like the above tips to help you distinguish reliable side boom pipe layer? Welcome you contact Suhigo for further discussion. We are always there to support you.

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