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1422 Pipe Heating Torch Pipeline Preheater Blue And Orange

1422 Pipe Heating Torch Pipeline Preheater Blue And Orange

1422 Pipe Heating Torch

1422 Pipeline Preheater

Blue pipe heating torch

Place of Origin:

Langfang, Hebei, China

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ISO-9001 CE

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Product Details
Pipe Size:
Welding Preheat Equipment
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Packaging Details
Wooden box+wrapping film
Delivery Time
15 days -30 days.
Supply Ability
Construction period 15-30 days
Product Description

HGHJ1422 welding Preheat Equipment flame heater for pipe size 1422mm weight 36KG pipeline Preheater blue and orange





During pipeline construction, flame heaters are used to preheat the pipe joints prior to welding. Preheating helps to remove any moisture, minimize hydrogen-induced cracking, and ensure proper fusion of the weld. The flame heater is directed towards the joint area, gradually heating it to a specified temperature range. This ensures optimal conditions for the welding process and improves the quality and integrity of the weld joint.



In pipeline coating applications, flame heaters are used to heat the pipeline surface before applying the coating material. The controlled heat helps to remove any moisture or contaminants, allowing the coating material to adhere effectively to the pipe surface. The flame heater is moved along the pipeline at a consistent speed to ensure uniform heating.

Safety is a critical consideration when using flame heaters. They are operated by trained professionals who follow strict safety protocols. Safety features such as flame monitoring systems, temperature controls, and shut-off mechanisms are incorporated into the devices to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.



Flame heaters are essential tools in the pipeline construction industry, contributing to the quality, durability, and integrity of pipelines. They enable efficient welding and coating processes by providing controlled and localized heat. By ensuring proper preheating and surface preparation, flame heaters play a vital role in maintaining the strength and longevity of pipelines.



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Technical Parameters of Suhigo Flame Heater:

Model Applicable Pipe Size Weight Dimension
HGHJ305 305mm (12in) 20kg 1060 x 800 x 170mm
HGHJ355 355mm (14in) 21kg 1090 x 830 x 170mm
HGHJ406 406mm (16in) 21kg 1140 x 880 x 170mm
HGHJ457 457mm (18in) 21kg 1120 x 920 x 170mm
HGHJ559 559mm (22in) 24kg 1290 x 1030 x 170mm
HGHJ610 610mm (24in) 24kg 1340 x 1080 x 170mm
HGHJ660 660mm (26in) 25kg 1390 x 1200 x 170mm
HGHJ711 711mm (28in) 25kg 1422 x 1185 x 170mm
HGHJ813 813mm (32in) 27kg 1595 x 1275 x 170mm
HGHJ1016 1016mm (40in) 35kg 1800 x 1490 x 170mm
HGHJ1219 1219mm (48in) 35kg 2000 x 1680 x 170mm
HGHJ1422 1422mm (56in) 36kg 2200 x 1800 x 170mm




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About Suhigo


  • As China Specialist in Pipeline Construction Equipment Manufacturing., Suhigo can offer premium pipelayers or sideboom to help achieve the target of lifting pipe, moving to position and placing pipe. Suhigo Pipelayer Family have full line lifting weight pipelayers equivalent to International Pipelayer brand, size ranging from 25tons to 90tons. With decades experience, all pipelayers are designed to full safety, reliable performance and easy operation, can work flexible with different size pipeline construction projects throughout the globle. Up to now, Suhigo have worked with Oil Construction companies of CNPC, Sinopec and CPP.
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1422 Pipe Heating Torch Pipeline Preheater Blue And Orange 21422 Pipe Heating Torch Pipeline Preheater Blue And Orange 3




Why choose suhigo?

1) Suhigo is professional manufacturer, obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 HSE Certificates, and CE certificate.

2) Suhigo has rich project experience with CPP, CNPC and SINOPEC branch oil construction companies.

3) Pipelayer cabin can be provided with ROPS & FOPS certificates, for option.

4) Suhigo product has exported to Russia, Middle Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.

5) Suhigo factory covers 30,000m2 and has 100+ workers including office, workshop and field service personnel.

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