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16 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier For 1219mm Dia Pipeline Construction

16 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier For 1219mm Dia Pipeline Construction

16 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier

16T Pipe Crawler Carrier

1219mm Crawler Carrier

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Langfang, Hebei, China

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ISO-9001 CE

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Product Details
Overall Dimensions:
Travel Speed:
Max Transportation Capacity:
Number Of Track Rollers(each Side):
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Packaging Details
Wooden box+wrapping film
Delivery Time
15 days -30 days.
Supply Ability
Construction period 15-30 days
Product Description

Model HGPC30 Pipe Carrier Crawler carrier for pipeline construction Operating weight(approximate)22t




  • Embracing innovation, the latest generation of pipe carriers has ushered in a new era of efficiency and productivity in the construction industry. These cutting-edge carriers combine groundbreaking technology with robust design, offering a multitude of features that revolutionize the transportation of pipes to construction sites.
  • At the heart of these advanced carriers lies intelligent automation. Equipped with sophisticated robotics and artificial intelligence, they possess the capability to autonomously load, secure, and unload pipes with incredible precision. This eliminates human error, speeds up the process, and ensures consistent handling, even when dealing with pipes of varying sizes and weights.
  • What sets these carriers apart is their integration of smart logistics systems. They are seamlessly connected to centralized platforms that provide real-time tracking and monitoring of the entire transportation process. Construction managers can access comprehensive data, such as the location, condition, and estimated arrival time of the pipes, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize project timelines.
  • Enhanced safety features take center stage in these futuristic carriers. Utilizing advanced sensors and computer vision, they detect potential hazards and proactively respond to ensure safe navigation. Additionally, the carriers are equipped with intelligent load balancing systems that distribute weight evenly, minimizing the risk of tipping or instability during transit.
  • In terms of versatility, these carriers excel. They are designed to accommodate various pipe materials, including PVC, steel, and composite, and can easily handle pipes of different lengths and diameters. The carriers offer adjustable cradles or racks that can be customized to securely hold pipes in place, preventing damage caused by shifting or vibrations during transportation.
  • Embracing sustainability, these carriers feature eco-friendly attributes. Some models are powered by electric or hybrid propulsion systems, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental responsibility. Moreover, they incorporate energy recovery systems that harness and store energy during braking, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.
  • In conclusion, the latest generation of pipe carriers represents a transformative leap in pipe transportation. With their intelligent automation, smart logistics integration, advanced safety features, and eco-consciousness, these carriers redefine the standards of efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry. By optimizing processes, enhancing safety, and minimizing environmental impact



16 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier For 1219mm Dia Pipeline Construction 0

Model PMYG30
Max transportation capacity 16t
Max transportation diameter 1219mm
Operating weight(approximate) 22t
Overall dimensions 6061x3414x3360mm
Maximum tractive force 20t
Ground pressure 50kPa(Ballast),86kPa(full load)
Maximum grade ability 30°(Ballast),20°(full load)
Ground clearance 567mm
Environmental Condition Operating temperature:-15℃~+50℃,3000m below
Rated power 194kw
Rated speed 2200rpm
Travel system  
Undercarriage Hydraulically undercarriage
Operating mode joystick and remote control
Travel speed Ⅰ:0~2.3km/h,Ⅱ:0~6km/h
Length of track on ground 3340mm
Width of standard shoes 660mm/900mm
Number of track rollers(each side) 8x2
Traction system  
Traction mode winch
Tractive effort 10t
Length of rope 200m
Maximum speed 27m/min
Transportation system  
Loading and unloading mode self loading and unloading

16 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier For 1219mm Dia Pipeline Construction 1

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16 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier For 1219mm Dia Pipeline Construction 216 Ton Pipe Crawler Carrier For 1219mm Dia Pipeline Construction 3




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