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Building Pipeline Demagnetizer 380VAC For Pipeline Construction

Building Pipeline Demagnetizer 380VAC For Pipeline Construction

Building Pipeline Demagnetizer

Pipeline Demagnetizer 380VAC

Pipeline Construction Demagnetizer

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Product Details
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Building Material Stores
Hebei, China
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 pcs
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Seaworthy- Integral wax spraying anti-corrosion
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T/T, L/C
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Construction period 15-30 days
Product Description

HGXC series pipe demagnetizer for pipeline construction Weight 35Kg Long term using life



  • A pipe demagnetizer is a critical device employed in the field of pipeline construction to eliminate residual magnetism from pipes and ensure optimal performance and safety. Residual magnetism can be introduced during the manufacturing process or due to exposure to magnetic fields, and it can have detrimental effects on various aspects of pipeline operations.
  • The pipe demagnetizer utilizes advanced demagnetization techniques to neutralize or reduce residual magnetism present in the pipes. By subjecting the pipes to carefully controlled magnetic fields, the demagnetizer effectively eradicates any lingering magnetism. This process is essential for maintaining accurate inspection results, precise welding operations, and overall pipeline integrity.
  • During pipeline construction, accurate inspection techniques are employed to detect any potential flaws, defects, or vulnerabilities in the pipes. Magnetic-based inspection methods, such as magnetic particle testing or magnetic flux leakage inspection, heavily rely on a non-magnetic surface for accurate results. The demagnetizer plays a crucial role in ensuring that the pipes are free from residual magnetism, enabling these inspection techniques to function optimally and provide reliable data for analysis.
  • In addition to inspection considerations, the demagnetizer also addresses other concerns. Residual magnetism in pipes can attract ferromagnetic particles, leading to potential corrosion or operational issues over time. By eliminating residual magnetism, the demagnetizer helps minimize these risks, ensuring the longevity, reliability, and safety of the pipeline system.
  • In summary, a pipe demagnetizer is an indispensable tool in the realm of pipeline construction. Its ability to eliminate residual magnetism from pipes ensures accurate inspections, precise welding operations, and mitigates potential long-term challenges. By promoting optimal performance and safety, the demagnetizer contributes to the success and durability of pipeline projects.




Building Pipeline Demagnetizer 380VAC For Pipeline Construction 0



Main Parameters


ItemUnitMain Parameters
Input VoltageVAC380
Input FrequencyHZ50
Consumption PowerKW12
Wiping CurrentAUp to 2000A
Demagnetized FieldMt500 (Port combination mode)
Protection Alarm Function-Available
Working Relative Humidity%≤95
Working Ambient Temperature-45~60
Overall Dimensionmm500x400x450

Building Pipeline Demagnetizer 380VAC For Pipeline Construction 1

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Why choose suhigo?

1) Suhigo is professional manufacturer, obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 HSE Certificates, and CE certificate.

2) Suhigo has rich project experience with CPP, CNPC and SINOPEC branch oil construction companies.

3) Pipelayer cabin can be provided with ROPS & FOPS certificates, for option.

4) Suhigo product has exported to Russia, Middle Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.

5) Suhigo factory covers 30,000m2 and has 100+ workers including office, workshop and field service personnel.

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