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Rotated Pipelayer 360° Full Rotation Crawler Pipelayer

Rotated Pipelayer 360° Full Rotation Crawler Pipelayer

360° full rotation Pipelayer

Rotated Pipelayer

Crawler Pipelayer

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Product Details
Oil And Gas Pipeline, Structure Pipe
Nude Package
Product Name:
Red Black Yellow
Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao
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Product Description

Product Description:

Pipeline Layer: An Efficient Construction Solution for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Pipeline Layer is a robust and efficient construction solution for oil and gas pipelines. It is a sideboom pipelayer that has become a crucial part of the construction process in the oil and gas industry. This product is available in different models such as HGY45R, and it offers a wide range of features and advantages. The sideboom pipelayer is available in red, black, and yellow colors and can be shipped from Shanghai, Tianjin, and Qingdao ports. It comes in a naked package.

The sideboom pipelayer is designed to help users perform their construction tasks efficiently. It features strong structure pipes with a sturdy frame that can withstand high loads. This product has a superior build quality that can handle any type of terrain. It also offers excellent stability and performance, and its powerful engine provides superior power and torque, giving it the ability to work quickly and efficiently. The sideboom pipelayer also has an advanced control system, allowing users to quickly and accurately adjust the speed and direction of the machine.

The sideboom pipelayer is an ideal solution for any construction project, especially when it comes to oil and gas pipelines. It is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for any construction project. With its superior build quality and advanced control system, the sideboom pipelayer is an essential tool for any construction project.

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  • Product Name: Rotated PipeLayer
  • Model: HGY45R
  • Color: Red Black Yellow
  • Application: Oil And Gas Pipeline, Structure Pipe
  • Package: Nude Package
  • EPC: Pipeline construction
  • PipeLayer: Ideal for pipeline construction

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Application Oil and Gas Pipeline, Structure Pipe
Port Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao
Model HGY45R
Product Name Rotated PipeLayer
Color Red, Black, Yellow
Package Nude Package
Pipeline Construction Sideboom, Pipelayer, Pipeline Layer


The HGY-R series Rotated Pipelayer is mainly applied in the construction of oil and natural gas pipeline, which belongs to the special equipment for transportation, pipe distribution, group matching and trench construction conditions.The chassis is a special hydraulic chassis developed on the basis of mature excavator technology. The driving system adopts hydrostatic transmission mode, which has small impact on starting and stopping, it can realize in-situ steering.Compared with the traditional , the equipment transfer does not need to remove the big arm and counterweight, improving the transfer efficiency.

Chassis assembly and technical features:

Adopt large hydraulic excavator chassis, reliable quality

Three-rib or double-rib track, nine pairs of heavy wheels, maximum climbing Angle 30 degrees

The main pump, rotary motor and walking motor all adopt the German Rexroth solution to ensure the reliable operation of the vehicle hydraulic system

The main valve uses a fully electronically controlled solution for smooth operation and precise optimization


Leveling mechanism assembly and technical features:

360° full rotation function

Platform leveling mode: single-axis bidirectional adjustment

Maximum adjustment Angle: bidirectional 18°

Operation mode: manual

Transmission mode: hydraulic transmission

Locking mode: four-way hydraulic locking valve locking


Support and Services:

Pipeline Layer provides technical support and services for our products. Our technical support team is available 24/7 and provides our customers with fast and reliable assistance. We also offer a range of services to help our customers get the most out of their products, including installation, training, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Pipeline Layer:

Packaging: We package the Pipeline Layer in a sturdy cardboard box. The box is sealed with strong adhesive tape to ensure maximum product protection during shipping.

Shipping: We ship the Pipeline Layer worldwide via express shipping. All orders are processed and dispatched within 1-2 business days. We partner with reliable and reputed shipping carriers to ensure timely and safe delivery of all orders.

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Q1: What is the brand name of SUHIGO Pipeline Layer?
A1: The brand name of SUHIGO Pipeline Layer is SUHIGO.
Q2: What are the model numbers of SUHIGO Pipeline Layer?
A2: The model numbers of SUHIGO Pipeline Layer are HGY25/HGY45/HGY70/HGY90.
Q3: Where does SUHIGO Pipeline Layer come from?
A3: SUHIGO Pipeline Layer comes from China.
Q4: Does SUHIGO Pipeline Layer have certification?
A4: Yes, SUHIGO Pipeline Layer has CE ISO certification.
Q5: What is the minimum order quantity for SUHIGO Pipeline Layer?
A5: The minimum order quantity for SUHIGO Pipeline Layer is 1.

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