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Pipeline Bending Machine

Pipeline Bending Machine

Hydraulic Pipeline Cold Bending Machine

160kw Pipeline Cold Bending Machine

56in Pipeline Cold Bending Machine

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Product Details
Lift Cylinder:
Oil/gas Pipeline Construction
Engine Power:
Machine Type:
Pipe Bending Machine
Hydraulic Winch Tension:
8 Ton
Core Components:
Motor, Pump, Engine
9800x3335 X35235mm
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pcs
Packaging Details
Seaworthy- Integral wax spraying anti-corrosion
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Product Description

Hydraulic Cold Pipe Bending Machine For Pipeline Construction, Pipe Bending Machine


The pipe bending machine is composed of steel frame, lower mold, upper mold, fixture, hydraulic system and mandrel. Its working principle is to make the steel pipe plastic deformation and realize the cold bending of the steel pipe by determining the reasonable fulcrum and stress point and applying bending torque. During bending operation, various large-diameter steel pipes within the applicable range can be cold bent by replacing the die kit and corresponding mandrel.



Technical Parameters of Suhigo Bening Machine:

Model HGCB620 HGCB1630 HGCB2236 HGCB2840 HGCB3648 HGCB4856
Pipe Size 6~20in 16~30in 22~36in 28~40in 36~48in 48~56in
Engine Power 46kw 77kw 118kw 132kw 160kw 160kw
Master cylinder 2-220x160mm 2-280x200mm 4-320x230mm 4-360x250mm 4-450x560mm 4-360x560mm
Lift cylinder 2-180x63mm 2-200x80mm 4-220x90mm 4-250x100mm 4-280x200mm 4-280x200mm
Hydraulic winch tension 1.5 ton 3 ton 7 ton 7 ton 8 ton 12 ton
Dimension 4450x2180x2175mm 6700x2520x2700mm 8400x3000x2800mm 8850x3180x3000mm 9800x3335x3235mm 8566x3190x3500mm
Weight 10 tons 21 tons 42 tons 50 tons 68 tons 93 tons

Technical Features of Suhigo Bening Machine:

1) The pipe bending operation can be carried out for pipes of different sizes within the scope of application of the pipe bending machine only by replacing the pipe bending die kit and the corresponding mandrel, the replacement is simple and convenient.

2) The whole machine has simple and reasonable structure and easy maintenance. The steel frame made of high-strength steel has long service life and excellent low temperature resistance.

3) Traction crawler walking device or wheel walking device (both are optional) is suitable for field operation, can be selected to the actual working environment.

Pipeline Bending Machine 0

Model Drive Power Operation Pressure Total extend power Stroke Dimension Weight
HGYN8-10 - - 16Mpa 400KN 30mm 1500x240x240mm 100kg
HGYN12-14 - - 16Mpa 800KN 50mm 2000x200x220mm 320kg
HGYN16-18 Hydraulic Motor x 1 3hp 16Mpa 1147KN 80mm 2406x310x316mm 600kg
HGYN20-22 Hydraulic Motor x 1 3hp 16Mpa 1147KN 80mm 2406x437x414mm 640kg
HGYN22-24 Hydraulic Motor x 1 7hp 16Mpa 1147KN 80mm 2600x400x440mm 950kg
HGYN24-26 Hydraulic Motor x 1 7hp 16Mpa 1147KN 80mm 2600x400x490mm 1000kg
HGYN28-30 Hydraulic Motor x 2 20hp 16Mpa 1562KN 100mm 3000x500x580mm 1800kg
HGYN30-32 Hydraulic Motor x 2 20hp 16Mpa 1562KN 130mm 3000x500x710mm 2300kg
HGYN34-36 Hydraulic Motor x 2 20hp 16Mpa 1562KN 130mm 3500x580x680mm 2500kg
HGYN36-38 Hydraulic Motor x 2 20hp 16Mpa 2040KN 150mm 3500x580x730mm 2600kg
HGYN40-42 Hydraulic Motor x 2 20hp 16Mpa 2040KN 150mm 3600x710x810mm 2700kg
HGYN46-48 Hydraulic Motor x 2 20hp 16Mpa 2040KN 150mm 3600x780x950mm 2900kg
HGYN48-50 Hydraulic Motor x 2 32hp 16Mpa 3188KN 170mm 3800x850x950mm 3200kg
HGYN52-54 Hydraulic Motor x 2 32hp 16Mpa 3857KN 170mm 3800x850x1100mm 3600kg
HGYN56 Hydraulic Motor x 2 32hp 16Mpa 3857KN 170mm 3800x980x1170mm 4000kg
HGYN60 Hydraulic Motor x 2 32hp 16Mpa 4981KN 170mm 4000x980x1250mm 4300kg



About Suhigo

Langfang Haigong Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.(Brand Name:Suhigo) is an internationally specialized manufacturer, technical service provider, and leasing company for pipeline construction machinery. Located in the Economic Development Zone of Langfang,Hebei.Suhigo covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has more than 150 employees.

Currently, Suhigo has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and EU CE Certification,Chinese high-tech enterprise,specialized new enterprise, and a technology-based small medium enterprise. As a research and development center for pipeline equipment, Suhigo has become a professional enterprise with independent research and development, design, manufacturing, and intellectual property rights in pipeline construction machinery.









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